Thursday, July 30, 2009

Passion Party #38 - The Importance of Being Passionate

I first started keeping a journal as a freshman in college. It was one of those seminal classes - Philosophy 101 - my teacher was Peter Diamondopolous. Our first assignment was to keep a daily journal of our thoughts.
He said, "A life worth journaling is a life worth living."
We read Camus, Sartre, I learned a lot.
It was somewhere during those four years of college that I realized how important Passion is to me.
Not just the passion of love, but the passion of life.

I became a music major in my sophomore year. At the time I said I did it because I could not think of what else would keep me interested in school for 3 more years. Now looking back, it was the one thing I felt most passionate about.

Passion is the difference between running away and running towards.
It is the fuel of desire.
You can have a burning desire for something,but if you are not passionate about it, it is likely to fall by the wayside.
Now, 36 years later, it feels good to tap that passion again.

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