Thursday, October 8, 2009

Passion Party #76 - The Pathless Path

I remember
until I was in my mid-30s
I could pick any moment and,
looking back would think,
"How did I get here?"
If I could time travel
and go back in time 5 years
and tell myself, "5 years in the future you will be doing 'X'",
I would never believe it.

A constant overachiever, it felt like I had started my midlife crisis way too early.

Now from a further distance
I can see that what I am today
is a summation of all that came before.
It does all add up in a nonlinear way
I was on a pathless path

And I may still not know where I am going
or where I will end up.
I can see the past informs my present
and from this I create choices for the future.


  1. Nice thought George, I enjoyed reading : )
    Take care,

    Mark Fidgett

    T 604.273.2002 | F 604.522.2072

  2. I enjoyed going through and reading some of your posts.

    It's amazing what the mind can think up when you give it the time and freedom to do so. I've also found that I need to start journaling again.

    Thank You George!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I agree, it is amazing where life can lead us, if we remain open to possibilities.