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Passion Party #522 - Ask

I have to let you in on the world's most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness: Ask.  This simple three letter verb requires you to take action, creates momentum and guarantees a result (not always the result you want or expect, but you always get an answer). But the key to asking is in learning how to ask for what you want. Here is a summary from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen's book, The Aladdin Factor: 1) Ask with a positive expectation 2) Assume you can get it 3) Ask someone who can give it to you 4) Vague requests produce vague results.  Be clear and specific in asking. 5) Ask repeatedly.  As the owner of a company that I used to work for said, "The 'yes' is easy. When someone says 'no', that is when we have to go to work." Today is the last day of our Kickstarter campaign.  We asked, and over 200 people said "yes", and we are now on our way into the studio to record our new album. And it would not have ha…

Passion Party #521 - Just Lean Into It

Success often happens when you just lean into it  when you leave yourself open to opportunities without a contract or any expectations. Like the snowball that continues to grow as it rolls downhill, leaning into it creates momentum. Momentum is that unseen energy force that brings more opportunity more resources more people who can help you on your path as it unfolds. 38 years ago I threw my electric piano and all my belongings into a Dodge van, and drove to Los Angeles to be a professional musician. I had no job, no contract I just leaned into the dream I did not know then that my real purpose was to help people with my knowledge, creativity and organizational skills to build better lives and that leaning into my dream would lead me to a successful banking career 8 self-released jazz albums a published book and a wonderful wife and family. You lean into it You see how it feels  The journey will take you where you want to go - or even someplace better.

Passion Party #520 - Fail Forward

"You can never learn less; you can only learn more. The reason I know is because I have made so many mistakes."
-Buckminster Fuller

Many people fail to take action because they are afraid to fail.
But if we look at each mistake as a lesson to learn,
then the failure is really just part of the learning process.

Mistakes are just opportunities for learning something new
and if I continue to
fail forward
if I am willing to fail and learn
then success will come eventually.

Passion Party #519 - Do It Now

There is no perfect time to start. Preparation has its place and you have prepared enough the lesson plan the rough sketches all of the skill-building and training Now it is time to get in the game It is time to learn by doing If you don't do anything for fear of doing it wrong then you will never get it right. Get into communication with the people you want to serve learn from the feedback adjust your course as you travel towards the goal Just take the next step do it now

Deep In The Kickstarter Trenches, Part 5

The Jazz & Blues Revue is now 35 days into our 40-day Kickstarter campaign: Four days left in one of the largest "passion projects" of my life. We just hit $15,891.It feels like an amazing achievement, but we still have $2,109 to go to meet our goal.And, since Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" fundraising site, we have to still hit the $18,000 number or it all turns to dust.
Are there moments of panic? Absolutely.Is there fear and embarrassment?You bet.But there is no time to waste on doubt and false evidence that appears real.It is time for action. Our project will be ending  on Friday July 11,2014 at 2:00 PM in the afternoon, and I know it will be successful.Why do I know?Read these last lessons I learned during the process:
1.Stay Positive I am not a big fan of positive affirmations - I think there is a fine line between always being positive and being delusional.But I think it is important to surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals, so at t…

Play Big! -Reprint of Passion Party #18

Bigger is not always better.
Sometimes bigger is just bigger.
Look at GM. Look at Chrysler.
Look at Six Flags - this company grew to be the biggest operator of amusement parks in the US. They declared bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago.

There is a difference between getting big and playing big.
You can buy things to get big -
- Playing big is an internal game.
You can consume things to get big
- Playing big is a state of mind.
You can acquire things to get big.
- Playing big builds on your unique ability.

Today I choose to play big. I was not put on this earth to play small.
Playing small does not serve me or others. I can shine my light, turn on my high beams. I have so much to give!
I love to play big, surrounding myself with people that help pull me up to the next level.
Marianne Williamson said, "And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same".

And if I can't play big here, well it must be time to find a better playgroun…