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Passion Party #530 - Quarterly Goals

I love quarterly goals. I love creating goals that are measurable and achievable. It is so much more fun than long term goals that I never seem to reach, losing the weight or having my first million dollars in the bank... 90 days is a good amount of time. I can see the goal line and I can easily make up an action plan chunk it down one day at a time one week at a time And if I set 3 goals for myself in the next 90 days and I take action on all three but I only achieve one... what a huge success!

Passion Party #529 - Failure and Endurance

We all face failure. In the real world everyone does not get a trophy. People keep score and there are winners and losers. Fear of failure can stop many a dream. If you don't try, you won't fail but you also kill the chance for success. I went through the early part of my life taking jobs that taught me what I did not want to do. It did not feel like failure it was more a situation of learning form my mistakes. Over the years I learned endurance. Life should not be a sprint, its a marathon and I want to be one of the people that can run 100 miles; then it is not about winning it is about personal achievement. When failure is just a lesson learned then endurance is often the key to success.

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Passion Party #528 - A Dream Realized

You would think after 7 self-produced and released jazz records I would have learned my lesson but actually each experience has taught me different lessons. This album started as a thought: It would be great entertainment to have a jazz band fronted by three singers who could do Andrew Sisters-style 3 part harmony AND also sing in various solo styles.  The show would consist of an evening of jazz and blues, covering the history of vocal jazz styles from the '40s forward. So the Jazz & Blues Revue was born, initially as a once-a-year special event. Then after 4+ years of performing clubs and concert halls there was another thought: Why not make an album of this material that really captures the talents of this group? This is not so easy.  A first-class recording of 13 songs with a 9-piece group including 3 singers would definitely cost time and money to produce and release. In January 2014 I started researching the possibility of using crowd-funding to make this dre…

Passion Party #527 - Blessings

For this blessing of strength  For this blessing of talent For this blessing of passion For this blessing of health For this blessing of desire For this blessing of intuition For this blessing of creativity For this blessing of vision For this blessing of generosity For this blessing of support For this blessing of friends and family an abundance of blessings to carry me through this day

Passion Party #526 - Pain and Strength

Some times we are given emotional pain, we can't see a way out and we have to dig deep to find a place of strength  to help us get through. Some times we are given physical pain, we have an accident or our body gives out from "normal" wear and tear life becomes depressing we question carrying on. Some times we seek pain in the belief that it will motivate us, pushing us towards a better life. The pain strengthens  our resolve and helps us focus on the pleasure to be found when we get through to the other side. If pain is the problem, strength is often the answer and we need to search inside to find it. Or maybe pain and strength go hand-in-hand pushing us forward to a better life.