Saturday, July 25, 2009

Passion Party #33 - Money Part 4

Money is for motion.
It is the grease that gets society moving.
It is a man-made creation, an easy way to exchange goods and services.
If you hold on to it, it loses value.
If you let go of it too fast, it will leave you with nothing to show but memories.

I use it to give motion to my dreams, my desires, and when I nurture it and use it to further my highest and best self, it can give me countless rewards.

Money does not care if you are rich or poor.
It is an exchange of energy, and like all energy can be used for good or evil.

I chose financial services as a career partly because I felt that if I could be around the flow of money some of it might rub off on me. Then I learned that by standing in the middle of the stream it was easier to catch the fish.
So now every day I stand in the stream of abundance and let the energy reach me.
I let the money come to me.

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