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Kindle e-book sale starts May 1

Beginning on May 1,  the Kindle edition of The Pursuit of Passion is on sale for as little as 99 cents!  The sale lasts a week, and the price goes up gradually as the week goes by, so now is the time to grab one for your Kindle!  Go here to get your e-book on sale:  or here:

Passion Party #510 - Build A Circus or Build A Library?

Do you pray at the Temple of Knowledge      or the Temple of Entertainment?
Is my purpose to entertain or to teach?
Our life is short and full of pain so I will build a tent of wonder, magic and humor filled with acts of physical dexterity. Its purpose will be to bring joy to children and to their families. A circus is a place of humanity, of financial and emotional exchange.
Our life is short and full of pain so I will build a great library I will bring people together to study and learn from mankind's accumulated knowledge. Organized knowledge is power and a library is a lasting gift. Its purpose will be to bring literature and wisdom to children and to their families. A library is a place of humanity, of education and philosophical exchange.
So, given the choice, would you build a circus or a library?

Passion Party #509 - If I Had All The Money I Want

Desire is not limitless I can only eat so much chocolate cake before it spoils my birthday.  So it is with money. I love having money I love knowing that every day there is enough money in my checking account to cover my expenses.  I love he thought that I control my income level and I choose to make enough money for an abundant life Every month I am able to set aside 30% of my income for savings and paying taxes Life is good. The purpose of my wealth is not to make more wealth but to buy me freedom. Freedom to do what I want as I get older Freedom to travel and see my kids thrive and grow. My current goal is a million dollars in the bank - this feels substantial. And then the new challenge of not spending all of it before I die will arise. Whether your goal is $100,000 or $100,000,000 it is all relative it is just extra zeros the important thing is to know that there is enough and this, my friend, is an inside job.

Passion Party #508 - The Passover Egg

The story is told this time of year  in Jewish households around the world. A story of freedom and redemption, of a God that speaks directly to man and causes miracles as well as hardship. A vengeful God that in the end takes away the life of one Egyptian generation so that a new generation of Jews can have freedom to search for a new land. The story is told in symbol and song, with a plate filled with items that, the book tells us, represent the Pascal Lamb, the mortar used to build bricks, the bitterness of slavery, and Spring vegetables dipped in the tears of life. But what of the egg? The egg sits on the Seder plate, with nary a mention in the story. This symbol of rebirth, of fertility, is the unspoken connection to our Pagan past. The Jews believe in one God, but the holiday traditions still speak to the rituals of celebrating and acknowledging the seasons. It is no coincidence that the Festival of Lights falls near the Winter Solstice nor is it an accident that Passover takes…

Passion Party #507 - Change and Progress

Just when I think I have it figured out, everything changes. It happens all the time  and is a constant fact of life. The question is what do you do when change occurs?  How do you react to the new landscape, the new guidelines, the new mailman, the new pay structure? Change happens automatically. Progress is a choice. I can choose to move forward I can choose to grow I can decide to grab the new rule book and learn it or I can decide to write my own rule book, and see what happens Whatever happens, I know that once I have it all figured out, everything will change and then I will more choices.