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Passion Party #525 - Disappointment and Patience

We want what we want and we want it now. We want to be our own higher power and we want to control the beginning, middle and end. But life has other plans and these often include disappointment. In the end the amount of happiness we realize and really, the value of our life is based on how we handle disappointment, and if we have learned patience along the way. As we learn to have patience we also learn that disappointment, like happiness. is a passing emotion, a chance to refocus, review and reflect on what went wrong and what went right. Disappointment loses its power and patience often becomes its own reward.

Passion Party #524 - Commitment

Why am I so scared? Is commitment the first step towards success, or the last step towards certain failure? You have all these ideas and plans, dreams and hopes But to commit to one and not the other to the song list to the art work to the project to the assistant to the art director to the engineer... Commitment involves TRUST You are trusting the other person to follow through as well. Commitment is rarely a solitary action If you commit to a large enough goal you will need the support of others to achieve it. No man stands alone for long. Last night I started to doubt my judgement the closer I got to commitment, the more the doubt arose. The "what if" and "maybe" reared their heads. Now it is time to sit quietly listen to that inner voice that brought me this far to the edge of commitment listen, look and feel, and trust the decision.

Passion Party #523 - Count Your Blessings

"Count your blessings" is something that your Grandmother told you or perhaps you heard the expression when you were young. But how many times do you actually stop and count your blessings? How many days go by without realizing how rich your life really is? Today even before I made coffee I took a moment and counted my blessings,  realized the richness of my life. Two pages later, in gratitude, I am ready to start my day.