Friday, July 3, 2009

Passion Party #20 - Don't Hold Back

How much of my time is spent in the realm of the mind?
And how much more powerful would I be if I connected it with my heart?
There is something deep that happens when I feel connected from my head to my toes. I can feel life coursing through my body and almost anything is possible.
I spend so much time holding back,
being "careful", not wanting to rock the boat.
How much more could get done, how much more would be accomplished
if I would play full out all the time?
What do I have to lose?

Don't hold back!
It does not serve you.
Today I will live in my heart
I will live in passion
I will love until my heart overflows.
Don't hold back!
It does not protect you.
It gets in the way of your greatness.
The brain will catch up in time
if you lead with your heart,
lead with the giving hand.

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