Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Passion Party #30 - Busy Work

I finally cleared my desk.
It was covered with months of built-up statements, receipts, books to read, articles to file, things to do.
The things to do were not important, they were
"things to do someday".
And months have passed.
And it is time to do the things to do someday.
Why not today? Why not make them Things To Do Now?
I sorted them over the trash can, and I separated out the trash, the expired, the things that no longer interest me.
I was left with "things to do now" and "busy work".

"Busy work" is insidious. It is the stuff you can't throw away, but you don't really want to do. It is the organizing, the number crunching, the filing, the grading.
I say I don't want to do it, but given my choices I will often turn to the busy work rather than pick up the phone and do the "things to do now".

Someday has passed
and the busy work can wait.
Today I will do the Things To Do Now.

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