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Passion Party #580 - Farm To Table

I am blessed to live in Los Angeles
the land of pleasant weather
the place where almost any day of the week there is a Farmer's Market within a 7-mile radius of my home
the home of celebrity chefs that create restaurant "experiences" that cost $250 per person (not including wine).
But who needs a chef when you have a back yard?
This year I started a new vegetable garden in the back yard and filled it with tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini and more tomatoes.
Now with June coming to an end the harvest has begun, and the dinners become more and more amazing.
Last night may have been a pinnacle of gastronomic happiness.
Diana's cauliflower soup with farmers market potatoes, carrots and celeryfresh off the vine sliced cucumberfresh sliced Cherokee Purple tomato, drizzled with olive oil, salt and peppersteamed rainbow Swiss Chardgrilled lemon-pepper turkey thighs (cooked on the backyard BBQ) Instagram photos would not do it justice, so we did not take any.  But her…