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Passion Party #491 - Ship It

When I started writing the Passion Party blog there was just one simple theme: "Helping other people get inspired". It was a short message with a long story. How can I inspire others when I feel angry, alienated and out of control? I wanted to be honest and the honest truth was that I was angry at all the things I had no control over. It was a time for letting go for reconnecting with meditation and nature reading inspiring books by others and creating a quiet time to write, to journal and document what, it turns out, is a life-long journey filled with creativity and passion. Now it is time to release The Pursuit Of Passion to the world. Unlike the bitter poet in "Vicky Christina Barcelona" that spends his life writing poetry and then will not publish it or read it to anyone because he hates mankind, my purpose was - and is - to inspire others. And there is fear in putting my creation out into the world. Is it good enough? Am I worthy?  Is it a waste of ti…

Party Over Here! Book Signing on Monday 11/18, 5:30 PM

Please join me for this special event!  I look forward to seeing you.  please RSVP, as I need to know how much food to order!