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Passion Party #490 - Turning 30

For me turning 30 was painful. Coming from a generation that was taught “Don’t trust anyone over 30”, it was like approaching the Dark Side.
I was a mess of emotions.
I was in a rough place. My wife and I continued to live beyond our means, using credit cards to keep our lives afloat.I was in the midst of an early and ongoing “mid-life crisis”.Music was not paying the bills, and I could not go back to selling cars again.
On my birthday I remember the only phone calls I got were from creditors, and the only mail I got was bills (sounds like a blues song...) At the same time I was getting this strong internal desire to have a child with my wife Shelby.
People speak about a woman’s body clock, but I know it is not just women that have this feeling. Having known Shelby since before the birth of her first son, and having helped raised him from the age of 5 or so, Shelby and I felt we would be good parents together.But our son was still a year and 10 months away from showing up.
I guess wh…

Passion Party #489 - Clean Page

I love the thought
of starting a clean page.
A new blank book, crisp and untouched
with unlimited potential.

My favorite writing book consists of blank lined pages,
hard bound, pages numbered in the lower corner.
The binding is solid
like something of value
something that will keep for a long time
something for the ages.
The numbered pages help me know
I am at the beginning of a new chapter.

The new chapter is arbitrary
one book runs out of pages and the next one starts
but it is timely
and at the moment feels appropriate.

Thoughts flow from my mind
ink flows form the pen
the clean page becomes filled
and it is time to start another day.

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Passion Party #488 - Busy Brain

Estate plan Quarterly reports Thank yous Gratitude Busy Nervous Gift Certificates Come alive again Great sex Sun rising Off to work Peaceful Exercise how do I fit it all in? Relaxation Relationships Back to work Forward to work We meet and share our deepest fears that our parents don't love us But of course they do. What you look to find is often what you discover so look for the good wage peace and prosperity Give what you can There is a story here to tell,  though I am not sure what it is And I love you.

Passion Party - Simplify

I have started to simplify my life and I do that first by choosing who I spend my time with.
Creating time is an interesting concept - there are only so many hours in the day, but it seems that some people get so much more done than other people.
It is like cleaning the hard drive on your computer: you can create more space and then things move faster.
So today I want to give things away to create more space in my life.
I want to give my time to help others.
I want to give good financial counsel to the people I love.
I want to give away some old clothes I don't wear any more.
I want to give my son a ride to and from school.
I want to be of service to the school music programs.
Being generous feels good.
The more I give, the more I will be able to receive.