Thursday, March 18, 2010

Passion Party #182 - Age Is Relative

I don't feel 58.
I don't really know what 58 means,
except it is 2 years shy of 60
and I am sure I don't feel 60.
But what does 58 feel like?

When I was 17 I felt like I was old.
By the time I was 18 I felt like I knew everything.
By the time I was 28 I was already having my mid-life crisis.
I used to joke that I got my mid-life crisis over early, as I lived it during my 30s.

I have been spending time with my Mom the last few weeks
She will be 88 this year
Still creating art, still traveling (although not as fast),
still planning for the future.

Just like Einstein proved that
time is relative,
it logically follows that
age is relative as well

partly depending on genes and exercise
but also depending on
interest - involvement - curiosity - joy

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