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Passion PArty #467 - Core Beliefs

Some beliefs are built on science:
"The sun will rise every morning"
Some beliefs are based purely on experience:
"Work is hard"
Some beliefs are not based on our experience,
but on what we were taught to believe:
"There's not enough for everyone, so take all you can"

I believe it is possible
to reset core beliefs,
getting rid of the ones that might have served me as a child
ones that are no longer helpful as an adult
ones that block me from getting to my highest self.

When doubt fills my mind, I just need to remember
my new core beliefs:
 - There is enough time
 - I am here to play big
 - I love the unknown
 - As I grow I will be surrounded by people that love and support me
 - The universe won't give me anything I can't handle

Passion Party #466 - John Cage

From some of my earliest memories about music and composition, I was attracted to the avant garde and the "mavericks".  Mozart was pretty, and Beethoven's symphonies could be moving, but for me the lights really turned on when I was in high school and my first music theory teacher, Mr. Edwards, played our class a recording of Charles Ives' "Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut":a short 6 minute "symphonic scene" that captures the sound of two marching bands playing to two keys and two tempos marching towards each other.
You can hear it here, if you like

Then, in the summer of 1968 I saw a performance of John Cage's "Radio Music", a piece he wrote in 1956 for 1-8 performers, each with their own radio (once again - 6 minutes long, hmm...).  This composition, as you can guess, sounds different every time it is performed, depending on what shows up on the radios.  It was than that I realized that anything was really possible with music…