Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Passion Party #22 - Money Part 2

Our society has set interesting rules on who gets paid what.
There is a relationship between
skill - talent - difficulty - knowledge - function - and value.
Skill alone does not make money
- there are many skilled bus drivers.
Talent alone does not make money
- there are many talented artists that are starving.
Difficulty alone does not make money
- working in a coal mine would be difficult.
Knowledge alone does not make money
- librarians are very knowledgeable.
Function alone does not make money
- there are many out of work bankers right now.

I spent many years as a starving artist, and while I was visiting that place I discovered that, right or wrong, society placed more value on certain jobs than others. Playing piano in a hotel lobby, no matter how skilled or talented I became, would not pay me as well as becoming, say, a software programmer or a film composer.

So then the question became "How much do I want money?" And "How much money do I want?"
And the question behind the question became
"How important is that to me?"
What am I willing to give to achieve the goal of making money?
And which jobs that fit my
skill - talent - degree of difficulty - knowledge; - perform a function that society feels creates monetary value?

I love making money
I love what I do
What I do creates value
What I do makes money.

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