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Passion Party #576 - Seek Your Light

Seek Your Light Moths are known to be attracted to light, but one young moth took it to extremes and fell completely in love with a bright star high up in the sky. Other moths tried to reason with him, telling him that he’d never reach the object of his desire and that he should pick a closer, more attainable goal – like a porch lamp or a candle or a campfire. But the moth wouldn’t be deterred. So one by one all the other moths went off in search of “practical” targets, and one by one they burned out in pursuit of the goals they chose. But the moth sailed up into the sky, never reaching his star, but living a long and happy life in pursuit of his dream. Sometimes a goal that’s seemingly out of reach can give more than you hoped for.

Passion Party #575 - When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be... to be a channel to be a spokesperson to be the host to be the guest to be the leader to be the servant to be in the flow to be charitable to be giving to be free to be in nature to be authentic to be caring to be compassionate to be beyond fear to be faith-full to be a speck of dust to be the universe