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Passion Party #479 - Fear Of Flying (Part 2)

Icarus received his wings from his father. Everyone remembers his father’s warning about flying too close to the sun – You might get burned, like the moth attracted to a flame. But people forget his father’s second warning, about flying too close to the water, where the waves might affect the lift of the wings – You might drown by flying too low just as easily as falling from the sky if you fly too high.
We follow our fear of flying too high With the willingness to fly too low Staying too safe And in the end Settling for too little.
The middle path Is not one of reckless stupidity or mindless compliance. It is one of being willing to risk, Flying higher than you ever thought imaginable On the shoulders of our fathers In a world where everyday the impossible becomes possible.

Passion Party #478 - Play At Your Own Risk

"How do you become  a successful artist?
Become indispensable to people who care”.

-Seth Godin

You have to play at your own risk.

And what if you fail?
It is not life or death -
The failure may hurt inside, but it won’t kill you.
You just do it again, do it better,
Get it closer to
“This is how I want to do it”
“This is how I want it to be done”
”This is what I stand for”.

If you don’t create and share your art, no one will miss it.

Random quotes from Seth Godin's presentation

From the "Insight One20" convention this morning:

Vision is different from seeing.  We need to learn how to see in the moment.
Embrace the blank slate.
Don't get hung up on the rules.
Betty Crocker is the Patron Saint of Marketers.
"More" used to be the byword
Now we have more resources than previous Kings of Europe.
Your resume is just proof to a company that you fit into a slot.
Just because you are winning the game does not mean its a good game.
Study how the music industry went from "perfect" to "impossible" - it can happen to your industry next!
Human beings connect - that is what makes us human.
Our job is to convert risk to trust.
Julliard  Conservatory is designed to create orchestral factory workers.
The trouble with the race to the bottom is that you might win.
If you don't launch your art, no one will miss it.
The new normal is being pushed out towards the edges, so the money is in smaller markets, selling things that are &quo…
My new "Pursuit Of Passion" Photo

Passion Party #477 - Walk Through Fire

Walk Through Fire My greatest triumphs are not easy: they take timing, strategy, strength and commitment.
They often take me to dangerous places way out of my comfort zone. It could be a control burn in the forest or hot sand that can burn my feet. What do I have to lose?What do I have to gain?
To reach this level of greatness the only way out is through the house is on fire, and there’s no turning back.
Sometimes getting to the finish line means you have to walk through fire It is time to face my fears and reach for the blaze of greatness, reach for my highest self.

Passion Party #476 - Obstacles

Sometimes I forget why I am here the daily grind gets too difficult the road too steep the obstacles too huge. It reminds me of the inner-city elementary school class on its first trip to a national forest. Just imagine children that have never been in the woods hiking on a well marked dirt trail and they come to a large tree, fallen across the path. The children yell, "Our path is blocked!  We have to turn back!" It is only with the teacher's encouragement the children realize they can leave the path and walk around the tree, perhaps even climb on top of it for a better view of things to come.

Passion Party #475 - A New Dream

I carry the dream

of a small boy wishing to create his own rules create his own country. where people live in peace and harmony where creativity is the fuel. where people love and respect art and music and joy is the currency.

Passion Party #474 - Life Purpose Madlibs

This whole purpose - mission - vision - goal thing is quite confusing. If you have ever been to a planning retreat you know what I mean. Spending hours sorting through the difference between how these four items relate to your business – or your life – is almost as much fun as a visit to the dentist. It is pretty easy to set a goal, so why not just leave well enough alone? Is this navel-gazing really worth the time? It helps to think of your purpose as the view from 40,000 feet. It’s the bigger perspective And now and then I need that sense of clarity.
Your purpose and your goal are two very different things. Your goal may be to become a TV screenwriter, but your purpose in life is not to be a TV screenwriter. Your goal may be to make more money but your purpose in life is not to make money.
The more your life is aligned with your purpose the more joyful and passionate your life becomes.
Four years ago I discovered this simple formula to help find my purpose. This "Life Purpos…