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Passion Party #513 - A Sojourn on Earth

We are all visitors here brought here by our parents and their parents before them without an owners manual or guidebook. We are the total of our past, our upbringing, our education and then we are passing through. it is a short visit but I am not in exile, I are not running from or running to I am a visitor here learning the language finding the things that engage me and then Sharing my knowledge Caring for those near me Loving those around me until it is time to move on.

Passion Party # 512 - Change What You Think

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." -John Lennon I may have it all figured out but then life gets in the way. Life is filled with adversity starting from the first day we are pushed from our mother's womb. You cannot change the fact that you will face adversity But you can change the beliefs you have about the adversity. If I believe that life is a school and every adversity is a lesson to be learned my life will take a different turn than if I believe that life is an ongoing struggle and every adversity brings more difficulty. Its as simple as A + B = C Adversity + Beliefs = Consequence

Passion Party #511 - Build A Circus Library!

The question I posed was, "If you had a choice, would you build a circus or a library?" The answer I got was that it is not a simple dichotomy. Life gives us many options.  Andrew Carnegie built  great libraries, and he also built concert halls. As one friend said,
"Does not Shakespeare, or the Bible for that matter, have strong elements of "the circus" in it?...

The greatest works in our libraries point to an integration of spirit, mind and heart. And the greatest entertainers apprehend the spirituality implicit in the bond of people coming together as one." And another had the best idea: "I'd build a circus which contains within it's fabric a world class library!!!"