Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passion Party #27 - Money Part 3

I love being paid well for what I do.
The greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is that my income is not tied to an hourly wage.
Rather than someone telling me, "Your job is to do this, and you will be paid $10.00 an hour to do it", I create my hourly wage based on what I choose to do and the value I create for people, and for myself.
Of course there is a scary part attached to this: the "eat what you kill" primitiveness.
If I choose to be an elephant hunter, then I may go many days without food. This takes preparation and planning to succeed.

I like to be of service.
I like helping lots of people, so I would rather help 10 people get little things done than wait for the one $10 million dollar client that needs my help.
Being paid well for what I do builds self-confidence
and self-worth.
It creates the freedom to design my business even better so I can be more efficient, which creates more money and security or more freedom, whichever I choose.
(Some people work for security, some work for freedom. I work for freedom.)

Being paid well for what I do creates BALANCE in my life.
So this year my "business plan" is very simple:
1) How much money do I want to earn every month?
2) What activities do I need to do every month to hit that target?
3) Consistently do it. Don't stop when I hit the target one time.

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