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PASSION PARTY #539 - Money and Energy

It takes energy to make money. They say that money doesn't grow on trees, but if you plant an orchard and work at the harvest, money can grow on trees. The relationship between time, money and energy: Money does not equal energy. If it did, day laborers would be rich. Knowledge does not equal money If it did, librarians would be wealthy. But knowledge, combined with time, energy and action, can create money. I think of money as congealed energy. Each day I exchange my life force energy, which is formless for money, which is solid and tangible. And in our society, money is also an accurate measurement for the amount of value I am bringing to the marketplace. So the secret of making more money is not to spend more time or to  exert more energy it is to give more value to more people and build systems and teams to expand my capacity to receive the fruits of my labor. Then the money takes care of itself.

Passion Party #538 - You Are Not Pefect

You are not perfect. If you were perfect, you would not need to read this. Do not judge yourself based on what you cannot do. Feel the enjoyment of your accomplishments your expression your talent you have a gift and people deserve to hear it, to see it, to live it with you. Being judged by others is bad enough you do not need to join the panel of experts who want to tell you what to do. Remember, they are just people too, with good days and bad days and their own dirty dishes to come home to. Bring your humanity to the party come prepared and then - let go.

Passion Party #537 - Getting Started

I have my 2015 date book
I have my Passion Planner
I have my business plan workbook
I have my daily to do list
I have my smart phone
I have my Google alarms
I have my Outlook calendar

So why do I feel so disorganized?