Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Passion Party #221 - Attack Life With Enthusiasm

I had the strangest experience the other day.
I was in my local supermarket and went up to the Starbucks counter for a cup of coffee. Two very young people were behind the counter - they looked like they might just be out of high school.
"Hi, How ya doin' today?"
I got a very cheerful greeting.
"Fine", I'd like a tall coffee, and can I have your "bold" blend?
"BOLD! You want BOLD coffee?" one exclaimed, as the other went to fetch my drink. "Man, you must have a GREAT DAY planned, that you need BOLD coffee to get going!"
"Actually, this will be my third cup today..."
"THIRD CUP! Man, you must be flying. You are sure going to have SOME DAY TODAY!"

Never had I received so much enthusiasm with my cup of coffee.
And I thought, this is weird.
But then I thought, imagine if the gal at the cleaners and the bank teller and the receptionist in my office all had this much enthusiasm.
So today, my friends, I will
attack life with enthusiasm
and see what happens.

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