Friday, May 21, 2010

Passion Party #219 - Money and Passion

We are each wired with certain programming when it comes to money.
Our belief systems come from our parents, and from our surroundings,
base instincts of fear or greed,
and of the hunter/gatherer, the need to provide for ourselves and the desire to provide for the ones we love.

Can I go back and re-wire myself
to live in abundance instead of lack-of?

There is a constant thread I find in the stories of the self-made Billionaires.
It is a desire to make money
whether it is running a paper route or
building computers for college friends from your dorm room.

I have to be able to say
I love money.
I love the freedom that money can bring me.
I love the peace of mind I get when money flows into my bank account.
I love the thought of being paid well for my talents and abilities.

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