Monday, May 24, 2010

Passion Party #220 - Time Alone

One of the greatest things we have lost
is our ability to be alone.
Somehow, someone somewhere decided that
it would be best if we were all connected, all the time
hence the prevalence of iPhones, 3G networks, GPS systems, and various wireless communication systems.

Can you remember, in the old days,
when you drove to work you were just driving?
And when you exercised you were just exercising?
Now at my gym I can exercise while I listen to an audio book and watch three different TV stations, simultaneously.

But it is the time alone that has the greatest value
that moment of quiet
when you hear the birds chirp
or settle into your thoughts.

Today I will spend some time alone
taking a moment to quiet my mind
and remembering where my true power comes from.

"Help Wanted:
Inquire Within"

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