Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Passion Party #98 - Challenge Your Beliefs

It was a year ago.
I went to a seminar
and heard my friend Shel Brucker speak.
Shel is a "turn-around guy",
a CEO for hire,
and the picture he painted was bleak
but realistic.

The world is changing, he said, and we have to change with it
and the first step to that change is to challenge everything
don't take anything for granted.
Challenge your beliefs and see
what is really working and what are just old habits
that perhaps are no longer serving you.

If you, like me, believe we are only part of the way out of this recession,
it will help to keep Shel's list on your wall:

1. Challenge your beliefs
2. Know your numbers
3. Cut or defer expenses
4. Accumulate cash
5. Go for opportunity
6. Act Now!

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