Passion Party #110 - Recharge Your Battery

Yesterday I took a day off
not for relaxation, but for renovation.
I got out of my business
to work on my business, and my life.

I drove to Carlsbad, CA
and spent the day with my business coach and about two dozen others
and I heard
about life
about growing
about the importance of love and intimacy.

I did not hear about how to get leads
or how to market my business
or how to close deals.

I heard about what it looks like
when you have a successful business
and you want more out of life;
when, like the Europeans have learned,
you want to work to live,
not live to work.

Today I feel refreshed
I am recharged
I am ready to lower my defenses,
to let love in,
and to work towards what really matters.


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