Monday, November 2, 2009

Passion Party #97 - Enlightenment is Overrated

When I was really young
I had a scary thought -
What if I was praying to the wrong God?
What if I spent my life trying to get into heaven
and when I died and met God up there
He just laughed and said,
"Sorry, George, you picked the wrong door, no heaven here!"

As I entered college
and started to read Philosophy
I yearned to spend a week - a month - a year
just sitting and thinking,
figuring it all out
But then I thought, "What about all of life I would miss that year?"

I have met some Holy Men and Women in my life
and some Poseurs
It is hard to tell them apart at times

So today I walk through life
with my mind open
I look for wisdom
and not True Enlightenment

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