Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passion Party #107 - Welcome Failure

This week I had to make a very hard phone call.
It involved losing a large amount of business
it involved losing trust in a co-worker
it involved a client possibly losing more than $10,000.
I had tried to put a deal together for a client
and I had failed.

Today I get to welcome failure
and learn the lessons that
this failure brings.

Each failure brings lessons
and after the pain and anger and depression
we are given the gift of learning
(if we are willing to learn from failure).

I learned
- I don't know everything
- I am not a miracle worker
- If something seems impossible or implausible,
perhaps it is
- Do not promise what is out of your control to deliver
- Being honest and forthright is ALWAYS the best policy (and will diffuse anger if and when it shows up)

I am sure I will learn more today
as I welcome failure.

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