Passion Party #187 - Freedom and Tyranny

Last night was the first night of Passover.
Passover is my favorite holiday, because it is a Festival of Freedom
and there is nothing better to celebrate
than the freedom we have here, every day.

Passover also asserts our condemnation of oppression and tyranny. And not just the tyranny of a Pharaoh from long ago.
"We speak of the tyranny of poverty
and the tyranny of privation
Of the tyranny of wealth
and the tyranny of war
of the tyranny of power
and the tyranny of despair
of the tyranny of disease
and the tyranny of time
of the tyranny of ignorance
and the tyranny of color.
To all these tyrannies do we address ourselves this evening. Passover brands them all as abominations in the sight of God" - Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch


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