Thursday, March 25, 2010

Passion Party #185 - Bankable Results

It has been frustrating lately
Sometimes weeks go by
and it feels like nothing is getting done.

Last week I came up with a new variation on an old idea.
My usual pattern is when I start the work day I make a list of the 6 - 8 most important things to get done.

But then, instead of just starting down the list,
I prioritize, based on this question:
"Which item will most directly cause me to receive income now?"
After using this "Bankable Results" screen,
I start with the #1 immediate money-making item,
and move down the list.
My goal is to get the Bankable Results, and then I move on to the other items on the list.

I have seen an immediate change in my focus and ability.
When I am clear in my objective
decisions are easy.

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