Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Passion Party #177 - Retirement

I was at a seminar last night
about retirement and financial planning
scaling what often seems the
insurmountable wall of saving money for retirement
building a cash cushion
gradually putting money away in different "buckets",
investing prudently
so in the end you don't outlive your money.

It really all came back to this basic fact:
You need to know how much you spend every month
to know how much you can save every month
and if you live in vagueness and hope
the odds are against you.

Looking at the diagrams and all the variables it seemed to me
that one answer to the problem was "never retire!"
But of course, that is not really the best option.

So I must go back, review and know my numbers
The more specific the numbers
the more accurate the numbers
the better I can plan for the future
I cannot live as if there is no tomorrow
but I also can't live as if my life won't begin until I "retire".
Finding that balance
knowing my numbers
that is the first step.

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