Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passion Party #184 - A New World

200 years ago if you were born a farmer, you were a farmer. If you were born in royalty, you were royalty. It did not take much thought. Society placed you, and there you stayed.

90 years ago my Dad was born in Scranton, PA, a coal mining town. After returning from World War II he married my mom and went to work for his Father-In-Law, learning the sheet metal business in New York City. It seemed logical to him to get in into "the family business". He could have been a coal miner, but ended up president of his own fabricating and installation business.

58 years ago I was born in New Rochelle, NY. Growing up I observed my dad's business, and I knew it was not for me. After college I moved to California to pursue a music career. Through a series of events I got into banking. I could have been in the building trades, but I have become Sr. Vice President of a mortgage bank.

We are truly in a New World
where life, more often than not, is not a linear process.

26 years ago and 16 years ago my two sons were born into this new world.
Imagine the possibilities.

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