Monday, January 25, 2010

Passion Party #146 - Leadership

There are managers
and then there are leaders.
I spent many years working under managers,
thinking, "Shit, I could do this better than him/her..."
I watched people get promoted
only to repeat the mistaken concept that
to manage means to intimidate, threaten or cajole.

A manager says, "Do as I say"
A leader says, "Do what I do"

The four types of leadership I aspire to:
- VISIONARY: where vision, product integrity and brand are one and the same (think BMW)
- EMPATHY: having soul, and not being afraid to show it. Walking the floor and listening to concerns (think Southwest Airlines)
- HUMBLE SERVITUDE: Being a Super Servant, rather than a Super Star (think Wal-Mart)
- MORAL/ETHICAL: making the Golden Rule your moral compass. "Is what I am doing best of my client? Is it best for my business?" It needs to be a win-win situation every time. (Think Google, Starbucks)

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