Friday, January 8, 2010

Passion Party #136 - Faster - Better - Cheaper

This seems to be the Mantra of America
Faster - Better - Cheaper
Everyone wants it, all the time.
People shop till they drop
looking for the deal.
Huge corporations have this as their Mission
Look at Wal-Mart or Target
Look at Apple and Dell Computer

In 1959 Kodak sold 16mm home movie cameras for $65. They used movie film which was expensive, and you had to send it away to be developed. You had to own a movie projector and a screen to watch it.
In 2009 Apple sells the iPod Nano, which can hold your whole record collection or 16 hours of video, has a built in FM receiver, pedometer, microphone and videocamera for home movies for $170. You can instantly watch your videos on the built-in screen. There is no film or special projector to buy.
And, by the way, Kodak is almost out of business.
Faster - Better - Cheaper

WE used to write letters to each other, put them in envelopes, buy stamps and mail them across the country. How quaint.
Now we type emails and blast them out instantly to anyone in the world - for free.
And the US Post Office loses money every year.

But my question is:
The world is Faster, technology is Cheaper,
but is it Better?
Home come I don't feel better?

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