Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Passion Party #143 - Clean The Grill

Last autumn I visited Lowell MA
which, in addition to many quirks and charms
has one of the largest collection of original "diners" in America.
These are prefabricated restaurants, primarily built in the 30's and 40's, that were mobile and could be moved from location to location. Many, it seems, ended up in Lowell.
We went to The Owl/Four Sisters Diner for lunch.
The thing that was most striking was the grill.
The back of the grill was pressed stainless steel.
It shone like a diamond.
Everything on the grill - the potatoes, the bacon, the eggs - all had their place.
It was clear that the cook spent a lot of time every day cleaning the grill.
In truth, the food was quite average
but I would go back just to see that grill again.

One of my favorite times each week is when I "clean the grill",
when I take some time to clear all the surfaces in my office,
putting things in their place (or in the trash)
so that tomorrow, when I start cooking again,
I have a clean grill to work on.
So even if the results are average
I enjoy my workspace
and people will come back,
just to see the grill.

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