Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Passion Party #142 - Money, Part 10

Years ago, in a previous lifetime
I attended Debtor's Anonymous.
Money, unlike other addictions, is not something that you can just say, "I won't use".
The issue usually came down to one of two things:
1) I spend too much or
2) I earn too little.
The world is filled with over-spenders and under-earners.

This week my wife and I are playing a new game.
We have removed all the personal credit cards from our wallets.
We are not using the ATM card or any plastic, or checks.
We each have $200 cash for the week,
and we each have made a conscious decision
to be aware as we spend the money.
It is to cover all food, coffee, gas, the cleaners, all "impulse" buys, dinners out, entertainment, etc.

There was an amazing amount of stress over the weekend as we talked about starting this new game.
The fear of "Not Enough" loomed large
But today it is just a game and it feels good.
Next week we'll take stock and see how we did
and then we can play again.

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