Friday, January 22, 2010

Passion Party #145 - Synchronicity

Part of the process I have with my clients is that I always send a gift right after I start working with them, to thank them for their trust and willingness to have me take care of their financing. Often it is a New Age-y relaxation CD, "Conscious Dreams", but if they are repeat clients I have a drawer full of various books that I send out. I try to "read" the person, and send something that I think would be appropriate.

Recently I sent a client a Marianne Williamson book, "Everyday Grace". Days later I got this most amazing response:

Hi George,
I just received the book you sent, Everyday Grace. It appears to be a lovely book . . . and somewhat eerily appropriate. Two of my brothers are flying with my mom to Connecticut after Thanksgiving to visit a faith healer--named Grace! And as you can imagine, we are praying for something miraculous! I hope this is a good omen, but it is definitely a reminder that whether or not we get a specific miracle, my mother is surrounded by God's grace every day.
Thank you so much!

I gave a little gift, and who knew the effect it would have.

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