Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Passion Party #65 - What I Choose To Do

Today is all about
what I choose to do.
My calendar is open today, and I choose to fill it
- with a morning filled with focus, reflection and exercise,
Gratitude for a wonderful weekend
filled with music performances from Idyllwild Arts Academy
and a sense of letting go of our teenage son
as he rapidly grows into a talented, caring young man.
- with a day filled with focus
completing the loan files that need to get done by the end of August
and designing the next ad campaign to create business
for September and the rest of 2009.

The summer speeds by, basically done,
and the Fall season and events are rushing towards me.
The year compresses, falling in on itself
and now more than ever I need to
seize the day
and make it count
Now more than ever.

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