Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Passion Party #60 - Moments

There were moments this weekend
so brilliant:
Sitting on the beach with the clean wind
blowing in from the West
blasting my lungs open...
Speaking with my son on the phone, hearing his excitement about his music camp experience...
Seeing the joy in my wife's face
when she returned from her students' recital,
her teaching and talent having been validated...
Rehearsing new songs with Courtney for a gig next weekend...

And then finally seeing Take 6
at a fundraiser for the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra
O My God
The level of talent that these six men brought to us,
each individually amazing
and collectively almost unbelievable
I witnessed the Joy of Music
the Power of faith and Friendship (and practice!)
They carried me to a place beyond hope
to actuality - it can actually be this good
Life can be this good.

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