Friday, September 11, 2009

Passion Party #62 - Frugal Fest

I went to a business lunch yesterday in Brentwood
at a very fine, stylish restaurant
and I had a $17 cheeseburger.
After the ice tea, tax and tip the lunch came to $28.00.
The restaurant was quite full of people,
businessmen and women, as well as families,
and I thought, 'Well, no recession here!"
But at our table the conversation turned to the fact that each of us has a brother or sister that had recently lost their job and was looking for work.
So today
I think it is time to join
Frugal Fest
the celebration of clipping coupons,
having dinner at Happy Hour restaurants
or better yet, eating at home,
and re-using those plastic bags, turning off the lights, etc.

The Latin root for frugal, "frui", means to enjoy
and it refers not just to being "cheap"
but it reflects economy in the use of resources,
money and otherwise as well.

Today I can remember that it feels good to live within one's budget
it feels better than
any $15 Martini
or $17 hamburger.
It is hard to set a budget and live within it,
but today I am willing to be frugal.

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