Monday, September 14, 2009

Passion Party #63 - Money, Part 7

Everybody has what I can "The Number".
It's that number where you say,
"I need $X a month to keep all the bills paid".
The monthly "nut".
But there is another number
It's the number where you say
"If I make $Y a month, I will be comfortable."
This is the number that allows money to go into the retirement fund, pay the taxes, the vacation account, the school fund, etc.

I have found that, when my income is at X or below X
I work harder
And when my income is at Y
I work less
until I discover my income is back at X
and I start to work harder again.

But what if I made Y my new X?
I have earned Y, so I know it is possible.
I have seen other people in my business earn Y times 5,
so I know it can be done.

If Y becomes my new X, then
I can set a new Y, a new upper limit
where I can feel REALLY comfortable.
This is an outrageous, big, goal
especially now
in this time of recession and fear.
I like it a lot.
Y is my new X.

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