Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Passion Party #479 - Fear Of Flying (Part 2)

Icarus received his wings from his father.
Everyone remembers his father’s warning about flying too close to the sun –
You might get burned, like the moth attracted to a flame.
But people forget his father’s second warning, about
flying too close to the water, where the waves might affect the lift of the wings –
You might drown by flying too low
 just as easily as falling from the sky if you fly too high.

We follow our fear of flying too high
With the willingness to fly too low
Staying too safe
And in the end
Settling for too little.

The middle path
Is not one of reckless stupidity
or mindless compliance.
It is one of being willing to risk,
Flying higher than you ever thought imaginable
On the shoulders of our fathers
In a world where everyday
the impossible
becomes possible.

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