Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random quotes from Seth Godin's presentation

From the "Insight One20" convention this morning:

Vision is different from seeing.  We need to learn how to see in the moment.
Embrace the blank slate.
Don't get hung up on the rules.
Betty Crocker is the Patron Saint of Marketers.
"More" used to be the byword
Now we have more resources than previous Kings of Europe.
Your resume is just proof to a company that you fit into a slot.
Just because you are winning the game does not mean its a good game.
Study how the music industry went from "perfect" to "impossible" - it can happen to your industry next!
Human beings connect - that is what makes us human.
Our job is to convert risk to trust.
Julliard  Conservatory is designed to create orchestral factory workers.
The trouble with the race to the bottom is that you might win.
If you don't launch your art, no one will miss it.
The new normal is being pushed out towards the edges, so the money is in smaller markets, selling things that are "not for everyone".
Perfect is not the answer.
You have to fail to succeed.
Better beats bigger

Thank you, Seth Godin!

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