Saturday, April 6, 2013

Passion Party #480 - Confidence Box

There are days when I get so beat up
 I begin to doubt myself
my knowledge turns to dust
I get defensive, angry and ready to quit.
I feel like a faker,  a fraud,
and I lose any sense of self-worth.
At times like this I need my Confidence Box .
Hidden in the back of a drawer is an old cigar box
filled with mementos -
my back-stage pass from when I was a touring rock 'n' roll musician
the gold ring my Dad gave me
A picture of the Dodge Van that brought me to California
a picture of my wife and kids
my largest paycheck
a photo of me playing music with world-class musicians
a list of upcoming vacations for the year
the photo of me hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, fit and healthy
Small photos of my mentors and heroes (Charles Ives, Lincoln,  ...)
Thank you notes from home buyers that I have helped
a list of the 10 things I most want to do before I die
And suddenly, life does not seem so bad
this too shall pass
my worth in confirmed.

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