Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Passion Party #296 - Ten Benefits

Setting goals is easy
Getting it done is hard.
What I want and how to get there
are two different things.
For me what works best is a clear mental picture
of how I will benefit
once I reach the goal.
Whether it is to lose 10 pounds,
or earn $100,000
or to get two new referrals in the next 7 days
it is how I benefit from the result that motivates me to complete the goal, not the goal itself.

Finding ten benefits for the goal gives me motivation.
Like a good method actor, I have to know WHY I am doing something before I can make it real.
Today I choose to write ten benefits that I will receive by reaching my goal.
"When I lose ten pounds..."
"When I get better at..."
When I see the benefits that I receive from achieving my goal
I will also find the motivation to keep going.

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