Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Passion Party #166 - Personal Integrity

It is so important
to walk the high road
to maintain personal integrity

Integrity is something that is hard to define, but we know it when we see it or feel it.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states, "A musical work might be said to have integrity when its musical structure has a certain completeness that is not intruded upon by uncoordinated, unrelated musical ideas; that is, when it possesses a kind of musical wholeness, intactness and purity."

I aim to have this wholeness, intactness and purity in my personal integrity as well.

Not that I am perfect
far from it
but I can't do anything
that troubles my spirit
or keeps me up at night.

When it comes to business
my personal integrity
stems from the primary fiduciary responsibility of
"Know your client".
To me that means to know
the Question behind the Question
not just "what do you want to do", but
"Why do you want to do it?"

If the motivation is clear
decisions are easy
we all win
and then the battle is worth winning.

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