Monday, February 1, 2010

Passion Party #151 - Recovery Time

My favorite time of the year
is when I buy a new monthly planner
(the kind that shows the whole year and hangs on a wall)
and I start to fill in my vacation days.
I have learned that, for me to give my all during the work week,
for me to get the best results
I need to first plan my Recovery Time.

I write it with Sharpie pens (the kind you can't erase)
and I call to make reservations
so it is a commitment
to myself and to my well being.

This year it is a lot of small vacations,
some are just a day off to go to a museum or on a long day-hike, some long weekends...
One big family reunion in Massachusetts this summer for a week
and a 4-day hiking trip in Sequoia National Park to Bearpaw Meadow.

And when I am feeling depressed or overwhelmed
I can look at my year-at-a-glance
and know that Recovery is just around the corner.

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