Friday, December 11, 2009

Passion Party #121 - Know Your Numbers

Thirty years ago, when I got my first sales job I had a problem where I would make money once, but I would spend it three times:
I would spend it when I knew I was going to get the commission check, and then I would spend it again when I received the check. Then I would spend it again in the belief that the money would continue to arrive, in the HOPE of the next check.
This was not a good financial plan. It led to wreckage that took me years to clean up.

A similar vagueness exists now.
Last year I set a financial goal for 2009, but what is the financial reality right now?
And how do the two numbers relate?
Am I earning my lifestyle, or am I financing it?
And once I know the reality, how can I adjust the numbers so they match?
I can plan to earn more in 2010
but I need to spend less now.

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