Thursday, December 3, 2009

Passion Party #116 - The Purpose of Music

I majored in Music at Brandeis University from 1969 - 1973.
I spent 4 years in deep study of theory and composition, the relationship between notes and pitches and tempi and how music works.
I became a musician. It filled my soul, if not my pocketbook.

This week I get to be a musician again.
Tonight there is a rehearsal, and on Friday night we are recording a new song that I wrote with some friends.
It is a gift that I treasure more and more now.
When I meet people I am thrilled when their first question is "How is the Jazz going?" as opposed to "How's business?"

Dr. Karl Paulnack, Director of the Music Division at The Boston Conservatory described the Purpose of Music this way:
"The (ancient) Greeks said that music and astronomy were two sides of the same coin. Astronomy was seen as the study of relationships between observable, permanent, external objects, and music was seen as the study of relationships between invisible, internal, hidden objects. Music has a way of finding the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us."

He elaborates on this idea in an address he presented in 2004. I recommend you read the whole address here

Today I get to once again find some of those big, invisible moving pieces, and I am honored and glad.

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