Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Passion Party #128 - Food Is For Nurturing

Last night we had a dinner party
but it wasn't really about dinner.
It was a listening party for a new recording
A song with lyrics by 2 lovely ladies
A song that will be featured on my new album.
Six of us gathered to celebrate and listen to the finished product.
We started the night with wine, cheese and bread
because it is a "Chardonnay and Cheese" kind of song.
We ended the night with a salad
and a brief cello performance from Evan, our son.

Some people think that food is all about fuel for the body.
But this dinner was about nurturing friendship
and nurturing our souls
We were fed as much by the music
as we were by the food.
We spoke a little about the business of music
and our jobs
but it was mainly about creation,
about desires and dreams.

And by the end of the night,
exhausted and fulfilled
my body mind and soul nurtured
and at peace
Not thinking about "what next?"
but about What Is.

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