Saturday, January 22, 2011

Passion Party #328 - Getting What I Want vs. Wanting What I Get

New Years resolutions are often lists of things we want to have happen for us.
If I spend all my time wanting,
as my friend Jimmy Wakimoto pointed out,
it points to a dissatisfaction with the present moment,
and prevents me from living and appreciating the NOW of life.

Instead of getting what I want,
why not embrace wanting what I get?

More than a list of gratitudes,
writing about what I "get to" do
creates anticipation and excitement.
(Remember as a kid when you talking about how you
"get to" go to Disneyland?)

I am so happy that
- I get to drive my car today
- I get to go work in my newly painted and carpeted office today
- I get to work with people that respect me today
- I get to talk to clients that trust me today
- I get to hug my son and my wife today
- I get to be passionate today!

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